The press agrees, VMAGIC® is #1 in skincare for down there

VMAGIC®  has been receiving serious press buzz, stretching from the medical industry, with leading doctor recommendations to fashion publications, with celebrity endorsements - who all agree that VMAGIC® is the #1 rated, all-natural, multi-purpose skin & beauty care solution for down there.

Press coverage
"Anyone who has ever hopped onto a spin bike, worn a pair of too-tight jeans or, hell, just gone through menopause knows the discomfort it can cause for your nether regions—which is precisely why VMagic was created."
Would You Use Lip Balm on Your Lady Parts?
Pure Wow - April 03, 2017
"Dry skin can be a real issue for some women and VMagic is here to the rescue!"
Lipstick for Your Vagina Is Actually a Thing
BET - March 24, 2017
"Before you go shaking your head in, hear us out, because this one actually seems legit."
Um, So a Vaginal Chapstick Exists — but It's Not as Absurd as You May Think
Popsugar - March 18, 2017
"Who likes having chapped lips? It’s dry, it burns and stings, and can just straight up be irritating ... We’re talking about your other lips!"
This Lip Balm Is for WHAT?!
FabFitFun - March 16, 2017
"There are a lot of products on the market that aren’t all that safe for your sensitive lady parts ... The new VMAGIC Feminine Lips Stick, however, is not one of them."
The VMAGIC Feminine Lips Stick Is An All-Natural Balm...For Your Vulva
Allure - March 13, 2017
"It seems to be a hot topic of the moment. Dr Helen Webberley, the dedicated GP for Oxford Online Pharmacy, explains the benefits of moisturizing your vagina."
There’s Now A Lip Balm For Your Vagina, This Is Not A Drill
Huffpost Style - March 13, 2017
"Lipstick for your platinum vagine!"
There's Now Lipstick for Your Vagina, So...
Cosmopolitan - March 12, 2017
"Everyday activities can dry out and irritate your most intimate parts ... making relief necessary through no fault of our own."
Khloe Kardashian Wants You to Buy Lipstick for Your Hoo-Ha
Brit & Co - March 11, 2017
"It's like Aquaphor for your vagina ... It can be used in so many ways"
Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her 8-Step Routine for Keeping Things Clean Down There
Us Weekly - March 10, 2017
"A real thing that addresses a real issue"
This Lipstick Is For Your Vagina — But It's Not As Bad As It Sounds
Refinery29 - March 09, 2017
Sexual Health & Intimacy Counselor
"As a sexual health and relationship counselor, I completely endorse the use of VMAGIC to help restore comfort and intimate skin integrity. I have happy client couples reporting positive results from the use of VMAGIC to ready the skin for intimate activity."
Recommended in her article, 8 Ways to Keep Your Lady Parts Happy, Khloe had this to say about our miracle in a jar: "Bonus points for being 100% organic ... it's like "Aquaphor for your vagina. It can be used in so many ways."
Duke Medicine New York
"I am a pelvic health physical therapist working with Duke Medicine in NC. We found your product at CSM and have been really liking what we see. We have also tried it and really like the results and feel. Our women's health team at Duke consists of 13 clinicians and vulvar skin care is one of the biggest complaints that we have to address with patients."
Hospitals & Pharmacies
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