BuzzFeed presents - Women Try a Vagina Lipstick

BuzzFeed presents - Women Try a Vagina Lipstick

We were excited to see the recent BuzzFeed video review of Vmagic Lips Stick-- our NEW On-The-Go formulation of Vmagic - Vulva & Intimate Skin Cream.

In the video, four women tested the product on-camera-- discreetly, of course, behind a half-screen.

And it was awesome--

The BuzzFeed review format was fun, honest, and down-to-earth, candid-camera-style, about issues and challenges women don’t get to talk openly about very often.

Vmagic Lips Stick was briefly introduced as “an organic feminine care cream intended to aid with: dryness, ingrown hairs, lubrication* and odors.

* Note: VMAGIC is an all-natural organic moisturizer, not specifically intended for sexual lubrication. The natural ingredients in VMAGIC are not latex condom-friendly.


Each of the women talked about personal V concerns, and what she hoped Vmagic might do for her--

… Condition coarse pubic hair to make it more silky-- like “soft Rapunzel hair” down there
… Provide an effective remedy for unsightly ingrown hairs in the bikini area
… Moisturize and relieve an extremely sensitive “outer vagina area”
… Stop the burning associated with vulvodynia… (a chronic and uncomfortable vaginal irritation)

The women were a little skeptical at first, which is easy to understand-- we’ve all tried so many ways to take care of our personal challenges down there, and inevitably been disappointed a time or two…

One of the women, talking about her sensitivity issues, mentioned: “I heard that it can potentially help with that… and I tried to not get my hopes up…”

Been there, done that (until Vmagic)-- and we completely understand the frustration.

The woman suffering vulvodynia was excited to try Vmagic: “...if I can go into the bathroom at work and take this chapstick and rub it on my vagina [vulva*] and make it stop burning? That would be amazing.”

* Note: VMAGIC is intended for external use.


One by one, each woman tried her own Vmagic Lips Stick, behind the half-screen. You can see the looks on their faces and immediate reactions to the product.

It is pretty amazing...

Coarse pubic hair… “Very soft-- that sh*t was silky.”

Ingrown hairs… “I like it! I would love to use it more and see if it really does help... that would be incredible.”

Sensitive V… “I can imagine this feeling pretty f*ing great before hooking up.”

And… “As a woman with sensitive skin it’s a huge issue trying to find products that don’t irritate-- THANK YOU…”

Vulvodynia and burning… “I love this, honestly!”

And… “To me the best part of this product is that it exists and that means that people are talking about vaginas and the problems that can come with them, aka burning… because that stuff happens and we should be talking about it and there should be more products like this available, so-- yay!”

We could not agree more wholeheartedly.


Thanks for the V-love BuzzFeed— and for wonderfully honest Vmagic video!

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