Have you ever really looked?

Have you ever really looked?

I know...I know… but today, I want you to. So get a mirror, check it out, see what’s going on down there.

For many, it can be an uncomfortable thought.

But...really... have you ever looked?

I mean... sure, we’ve all seen drawings and illustrations on posters and in brochures at the doctor’s office. I can vaguely recall those awkward slide projector presentations in middle school Sex Ed.

We have maybe caught a glimpse of other women’s private parts in movies or magazines…

But have you ever actually gotten out the mirror, laid back, opened your legs, and checked out your own vulval/vaginal architecture?

Why would you?  Unless something was feeling off or painful.  Well,  it’s actually pretty important to know what your region below the belly button looks like on a good day as well as on a less than pleasant one.



You’ll increase your knowledge and comfort with your own vital body parts.


You’ll get to know your own “normal.” That will help you identify and talk about problems or concerns.


Look around, touch and explore to discover what feels good.


If you haven’t ever, or if it’s been a while...get ready for a treasure hunt.

Before you start your adventure... you need to know that every woman’s vulva is unique. The parts are all there, with pretty much the same function and placement, but...

We enjoy great diversity and individual beauty. Different colors, shapes, sizes, ridges, bumps, and delicate folds of skin and tissue... unless it hurts, or something is diseased or definitely wrong, it’s all perfectly normal. Perfectly you.

As with all the rest of our skin and body parts, you can decide to change the look and feel of your vulva in many ways, including hair removal, cosmetic practices, and skincare. There are even surgical options, for necessity or aesthetics.

Before you decide to make changes or worry about problems, get to know what you’re working with down there.

When you get out your mirror, find a private, comfortable location -- standing, sitting, or lying down -- and give yourself 5-10 minutes or so in a space where you will not be interrupted.


There are seven important features to locate — from top to bottom:
1. Your outer lips— labia majora
2. Your inner lips— labia minora
3. Your “fun button”—clitoris

(Protected in its little hood, within the top folds of your labia minora—be sure to locate and get to know this pleasure center.)

4. Your urinary opening or “pee hole”-- urethra
5. Your vaginal opening-- vagina
6. Your taint – perineum

(The tender bridge of skin between your front opening and...)

7. Your rear exit— anus


Take some time.  Check it out.

So, how’d you do?  Any surprises?  Concerns? Pleasure? Pain?

From more effective daily care and maintenance... to recognizing changes... to more immediate and lasting relief of problems... to personal pleasure and confidence... to greater sexual satisfaction - you know where to go—and you can always look again later.


To your health & happiness -- top to bottom,

Holly Lawson, MS, LPC
Licensed Therapist
Specializing in Women’s Sexual Health

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