Keeping perfect balance… down there

Keeping perfect balance… down there

Quick & Easy V Science

It took me almost thirty years to finally get the connection between “delicate feminine balance” and the pH levels we learned about in high school Science.


It’s like a swimming pool—

Do you remember the hunky lifeguard regularly sauntering over to the side of the pool with his little chemistry kit? Our summer superhero was checking the pH balance of the pool, to make sure all the harmful bacteria and yucky things were kept in check by the good little microbes to prevent illness and disease.

What do chemistry, swimming pools, and your V have in common?

And why do you need to think about pH balance down there?

It’s the pH balance... between good and evil...

pH stands for “power of” or potential Hydrogen—which is very chemistry-deep, in terms of the measurement of the hydrogen ions (H+) in any liquid, substance, or environment… like a swimming pool, for example… or your vajayjay.


The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14:
0 – 6 is “acidic”
7 – right in the middle of the scale – is neutral
8 – 14 is “alkaline”


Pure water has a pH of 7 – perfectly neutral. Which is why it’s so good for us. Pure water – H2O – can balance out much of the acidic or alkaline extremes.

The “delicate balance” of your healthy vagina is a pH level of 3.5 – 4.5, which is slightly acidic.

This is the environment in which the “good” bacteria – lactobacilli – thrive.

Harmful bacteria and yeast prefer higher pH, or more alkaline conditions. If pH balance in the vagina is disrupted, the bad things can run amok and take over, causing irritation and infection.

Maintaining your perfect pH balance can be tricky. Virtually everything you put in or on your body can affect pH levels, good or bad. And different parts of your body have different preferred pH levels. It gets complicated!

The most important thing to keep in mind is your vagina is a self-cleaning miracle, and adjusts constantly to maintain that delicate, slightly acidic, pH balance. Avoid disrupting that balance with harsh soaps, cleansers, or other high-pH products. Keep it simple -- and slightly acidic -- down there.


To your health & happiness -- top to bottom,


Holly Lawson, MS, LPC
Licensed Therapist
Specializing in Women’s Sexual Health

 Image by Deun Ivory via Instagram @deunivory



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