The Three-Way Approach to Keeping it Happy “Down There”

The Three-Way Approach to Keeping it Happy “Down There”

On any given day, you might not pay much attention to your vulva parts (which include the clitoris, surrounding skin, and the labia majora and minora (commonly referred to as “the lips”); as long as there aren’t any problems -- irritation, odor, or mystery discharge -- we’re happy to keep those most sensitive parts undercover... out of sight, out of mind.

The older you get, the “V” might sneak into your thoughts more often. After all, as your body changes, fluctuating hormones can lead to increased dryness and discomfort -- putting your vulva front of mind.

Regardless of age or condition, here’s how to keep your “V” happy and healthy (and comfortable!) ... naturally.

    1. Less is more – stay away from chemicals and over-the-counter concoctions.

      When we do notice a problem down there, we tend to overcompensate... slathering on chemical-based creams and ointments, invasive douching, or overly-aggressive cleansing. Over-the-counter products may simply mask the symptoms, or -- worse yet -- cause other problems, when a more “basic approach” is all that’s needed. The basic approach you ask? Water or a natural pH balanced soap like our Vmagic Wash for cleaning. Pat dry. Natural oil based product like Vmagic for moisturizing.

        2. Maintain the natural balance

          We hear a lot about the “delicate” natural balance of the vagina. I’m not convinced it’s so very delicate. Sensitive, yes, in a good way. Freaking amazing and naturally extraordinary? Absolutely. But delicate? Honey, your girl “down there” is fully equipped to take care of herself! But only under the right conditions.

          In the vagina and vulval area, a combo of “good” bacteria and “bad” cohabitate in a perfect harmony until some irritation or change throws the balance off, creating an ideal opportunity for the bad bacteria to take over.

          Common things like over-washing, diet, dehydration, sexual activity, and changing hormones can do things to mess with the otherwise balanced or self-cleaning system. Our relentless efforts to clean, deodorize, and make it all look, feel, smell, and...yes, taste “good” are sabotaging the natural balance... inevitably creating more problems.

          Keeping her free from chemicals and applying a daily dose of Vmagic prevents friction and dryness, while supporting an antifungal, antimicrobial environment - keeping the “bad” bacterias from taking over.

          The V is a self-cleaning box of secrets. Self-repairing, too, to some extent, given the right ingredients and habits. She does not need or want harsh chemicals or soaps and cleansers. And she definitely does not like scrubbing, rubbing, or aggressive sanitation.

            3. Let her breathe & hydrate (aka, the importance of hydrogen and oxygen)

              Your V needs to breathe, ladies. Clean, fresh oxygen. Just like the lips and mouth on your face, your vulva needs fresh air, unrestricted by layers of tight clothing. Can you imagine trying to breathe up top through some of the coverage we wear down there... Nylon? Lycra? Spandex? Please. Loosen up and switch out those non-breathable fabrics for easy, breezy cotton and linen.

              The second magic natural ingredient is H2O... water. Whether you drink lots of water or it comes in from below (in the shower or bath), your vulva needs clean, fresh water for hydration and natural cleansing. Always avoid harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances to keep her healthy and happy.

              These three basic rules promote the cycle of “V” wellness. You won’t have to worry about #1 – problems and OTC/chemical hazards, if you respect #2 – the natural balance, and provide #3 – plenty of fresh air and water.

              To your health & happiness -- top to bottom,


              Holly Lawson, MS, LPC
              Licensed Therapist
              Specializing in Women’s Sexual Health

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