Vmagic Feminine Wash

$ 14.00

Add balance to your daily cleansing

Everyday activities can leave you less than fresh. And regular soaps can disrupt the delicate pH of intimate skin, causing dryness and sensitivity. Vmagic Feminine Wash gently cleanses and rejuvenates intimate skin while supporting its natural pH to leave you feeling fresh and confidant all day.


Keep your skin balanced, moisturized & purified. It works!

Gently Cleanses & Nourishes
Freshens Intimate Skin
Supports Skin's Natural pH
Helps Rejuvenate Delicate Skin
Rinses Residue Free

Leading gynecologists recommend an all-natural, low pH gentle wash to support the delicate environment of intimate skin.

Medicine Mama's Organic Apothecary believes that 'nature knows best' when it comes to restoring and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. We are passionate about formulating the highest quality, natural skin care and we believe in the power of purity, simplicity and efficacy.

Non-estrogen feminine product to sooth and help your menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness, painful sex, itching, burning, stinging, dermatitis, pelvic pain, and infections.


Pure & Organic Ingredients

DI Water, Glycerin, Coco-betaine, Zemea Propanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract*, Salvia Officinalis (SAGE) Leaf Extract*, Water-Soluble Collagen, Tocopheryl Acetate (VITAMIN E), Chamomilla Recutita (MATRICARIA)*, Flower Extract

*Derived from organic ingredients

Free of: synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy, fillers, binders and petroleum.



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Vmagic Feminine Wash

Works great

This very pure and gentle product does what it says it will do! I’ve been using VMagic for years and recommend it to anyone who wants a toxic/free and very pure lubricant!

Love all V products

I have suffered from vaginal atrophy for about 20 years (had hysterectomy at 26) so my skin is supper sensitive and dry. I have been using V Magic for several years and love the products, recently I went through a series of Votiva vagional treatments and my V Magic was so useful after treatments, it helped with moisture and healing and let me tell you with the combination of V Magic and my Votiva treatments my husband and I are both very happy and comfortable!

Great product!

I’ve bought this product again and it’s wonderful and healing

Your products are wonderfully calming for more than the "nether" regions

As a long-time user of VMagic cream and balm, I am pleased that the wash product has turned out to be a great complement to my skincare regimen. By skincare, I am also including a rash that develops under my breasts and at my "bikini" overlap. LOL
Dermatologist said it was intertrigo, and it may be, but when these areas flare up they are quite responsive to the calming effects of VMagic products. I still have some tiny travel size snap cases for VM cream that I refill from time to time. They are so handy when needed for those inconvenient times.
Truthfully I am not a fan of the stick "magic wand" version. Tried it, but found it was too "squishy" for my use. However, daughter says it works out just fine for her.
All in all, VMagic products have been an answer to many of my concerns.

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