Women's Healthcare Endorsements

Lab Tested Professionally Recommended
"I endorse the use of VMAGIC®."

"As a sexual health and relationship counselor, I completely endorse the use of VMAGIC® to help restore comfort and intimate skin integrity. I have happy client couples reporting positive results from the use of VMAGIC® to ready the skin for intimate activity."

Holly Lawson, MS, LPC, PC - Sexual Health & Intimacy Counselor

"Perfect blend to nourish & soothe."

"VMAGIC® is an amazing product and my favorite to recommend for the care of the delicate skin of the vulva! It’s unique combination of rich, emollient and organic ingredients is the perfect blend to nourish & soothe. VMAGIC® is fantastic for both daily care, prior to and after sexual intimacy, as well as for dryness and minor irritations. My patients absolutely love it!"

Dr. Sandra Lindholm - Psycologist & Nurse Practitioner,
Specializing in Women's Sexual Health

"Vulvar skin protector."

"I recommend VMAGIC® to women of all ages & for a variety of reasons. I have found it to be a light weight, well tolerated vulvar skin protector. I have found it to be especially helpful in young women on birth control pills with dryness. It is also very useful in older women, especially those with dryness, incontinence, and those who wear pads daily."

Megan Lavin MD FACOG - Obstetrician/Gynecologist

"Really helps to restore vulvar comfort."

"Personally, I love VMAGIC®. Professionally, as a physician, I appreciate that there is a natural alternative for patients who are particularly sensitive to several ingredients in other medications that are formulated for feminine skin irritations and dryness. Patients thank me and tell me that VMAGIC® really helps to restore vulvar comfort."

Dr. Trisha Johnson - Family Practice Physician, Specializing in Women's Health

"Patients who experience sensitive skin irritations should try VMAGIC®."

"I discovered VMAGIC® when my wife was pregnant, she found it to be a natural way to keep herself in balance. I now refer patients who experience sensitive skin irritations should try VMAGIC® and encourage colleagues in healthcare to do the same. I am impressed with its quality organic ingredients and low irritant index. It’s about time a cream was formulated for intimate skin issues."

Dr. Robert Schmidt, DC