Women's Healthcare Endorsements

A product I can trust

"I love that I have finally found a product I can trust to be safe and effective for my patients’ sensitive needs. As a women’s pelvic health physical therapist, I frequently help patients suffering from vaginal dryness, discomfort, and pelvic pain. Vmagic has been a soothing solution for so many of the women I work with."
Kimberly Tonovitz, PT

Very impressed

"I have recommended VMagic to my patients for several years and most are very impressed with the product. It is so soothing and gentle, but oh so effective. I have not found anything that comes close to Vmagic results."

Zelda Orenstein, PT
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Nourish & soothe

"Vmagic is an amazing product and my favorite to recommend for the care of the delicate skin of the vulva! It’s unique combination of rich, emollient and organic ingredients is the perfect blend to nourish & soothe. Vmagic is fantastic for both daily care, prior to and after sexual intimacy, as well as for dryness and minor irritations. My patients absolutely love it!"

Dr. Sandra Lindholm
Psycologist & Nurse Practitioner
Specializing in Women's
Sexual Health

More staying power than other nature oils

"As an ObGyn, I see a lot of women with the complaint of vaginal/vulvar dryness or itching. My advice begins with removing chemicals- harsh soaps or cleansers, alcohol wipes, perfumes products and warming gels. The next step is to add a natural vegetable oil as a lubricant/moisturizer. Many women use coconut oil which is great when it works. When it doesn’t Vmagic is the next place to go. The addition of beeswax to the special mix of natural oils gives it more staying power than other natural oils. I have had a lot of positive feedback from patients. They feel they now have the Vmagic solution. I highly recommend trying it if this describes you." 

Sandra Koch, MD 

Wonderful product!

"I love working with it because of its pure ingredients. I don't have to worry about Vmagic irritating, even the patients who have the most sensitive skin! I mostly recommend it for patients with vaginal dryness, fragile tissue, prolonged sitting or general irritation. Thank you for this wonderful product!"

–Dr. Chaya Englard, PT, DPT
Founder of Life PT

I endorse the use of Vmagic

"As a sexual health and relationship counselor, I completely endorse the use of Vmagic to help restore comfort and intimate skin integrity. I have happy client couples reporting positive results from the use of Vmagic to ready the skin for intimate activity."

Holly Lawson, MS, LPC, PC
Sexual Health &
Intimacy Counselor

Can be used on other parts of the body

"Anytime I have patients report symptoms of vaginal dryness, irritation or vulvar discomfort I suggest this product as an option. The ingredients are all things you can pronounce and I like that it can be used on other parts of the body, that way patients won't feel like it was a wasted purchase if they end up not using it on their vulva." 

Rachel Gelman, DPT, PT 

Restore vulvar comfort

"Personally, I love Vmagic. Professionally, I appreciate that there is a natural alternative for patients particularly sensitive to several ingredients in other medications that are formulated for feminine skin irritations and dryness. Patients thank me and tell me that Vmagic really helps to restore vulvar comfort."

Dr. Trisha Johnson
Family Practice Physician Specializing in Women's Health

Vulvar skin protector

"I recommend Vmagic to women of all ages & for a variety of reasons. I have found it to be a light weight, well tolerated vulvar skin protector. I have found it to be especially helpful in young women on birth control pills with dryness. It is also very useful in older women, especially those with dryness, incontinence, and those who wear pads daily."

Megan Lavin MD FACOG

More helpful than other products

"My oncology patients appreciate having an all natural product that helps with vulvar dryness, irritation and itching. Patients have reported back that Vmagic has been more helpful than many other products they have tried. (On a personal note my daughters and I have found it to be perfect for post bikini shave/wax for reducing skin irritation!!!) It is a wonderful product and I am happy to be able to offer it to my patients and clients." 

Phronsie Sprenger
Certified Sex Therapist & Oncology Social Worker

[Vmagic] has supported conversations and explorations

"As a practicing sex therapist I support the use of Vmagic in women of all ages for vulvar comfort and relief. Young women have reported great relief from vulvar discomfort following menses as well as vaginal dryness related to medications (birth control) with the application of Vmagic. Menopausal women (natural or chemically induced menopause) have also reported significant benefits from the application of Vmagic on the vulvar area. Vmagic has not only offered relief to vulvas but it has also supported conversations and explorations of the relationship a woman has to her vulva, thank you Vmagic!"

Shelley L. Imholte, Ph.D., LCSW
Owner/Operator of Sexual LIfe Improvement, PLLC

Great results

"I have been having my patients with any soreness around their vaginal openings or labia use Vmagic on a daily basis and they are seeing (and I am hearing) great results. I love that it is safe to use internally and that it’s made of all natural ingredients."

Kerri Daniels, MPT, CLT

Relief from "crowning"

"We love how moisturizing VMagic is and the application is suberb! We used this product for the "crowning" stage of Labor and was told by the mother it gave her relief from the burning sensation experienced during this stage. We had a few moms who used this on their nipples and belly which they absolutely loved the healing and moisturizing properties. This an is excellent product with multiple uses!" 

Mrs. Marion H.Hoskins CPM

It's about time

"I discovered Vmagic when my wife was pregnant, she found it to be a natural way to keep herself in balance. I now refer patients who experience sensitive skin irritations to try Vmagic and encourage colleagues in healthcare to do the same. I am impressed with its quality organic ingredients and low irritant index. It’s about time a cream was formulated for intimate skin issues." 

–Dr. Robert Schmidt, DC

Soft, soothing hydration

"As I board certified women's health physical therapist I recommend Vmagic to many of the women I work with. Throughout the course of life women experience many different changes that may impact vaginal tissue hydration. When there is reduced vaginal hydration the tissues may feel tender, sensitive and dry. Just as we apply lotion to our skin daily the vaginal tissues benefit from regular hydration thus the benefit of Vmagic! It provides soft, soothing hydration to sensitive tissues."

Dr. Natalie Sebba, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, Opt IN! Physical Therapy

You are helping so many women

"I have had the opportunity to share Vmagic with many woman who have been through cancer treatment, or have had pelvic pain related to various diagnoses. I can’t rave enough about the positive experiences my clients have had with this product. Literally, I have been informed that “it is life changing.” Keep up the good work Vmagic!!! You are helping so many women reclaim their vaginal health and sexual well-being. Be proud!"

Kimberly Vandegeest-Wallace,
PhDPsychologist/Sex Therapist

For intimacy, daily lubrication and vaginal atrophy

"Thank you so much for this wonderful product!! I couldn’t recommend your product more. As a pelvic physical therapist maintaining vaginal lubrication and moisture is critical. We recommend your product to all of our patients for intimacy, daily lubrication and vaginal atrophy. Our patients RAVE about all of your products. Thank you so much!" 

Dr. Carin Cappadocia, PT, DPT 

Medication without results

"We LOVE Vmagic! I have several women who have had problems with dryness and itching, one in particular spent hundreds of dollars on dermatology visits and medication without results. We gave her Vmagic and she is finally comfortable. The “lipstick” applicator is also a favorite. Since I am a Certified Menopause Specialist I see “women of a certain age” and have found Vmagic to be a wonderful Non-Hormonal recommendation for comfort and dryness. THANK YOU for developing this wonderful product."

Jacqueline M. Akert RNC APNP

Works because of its organic natural ingredients 

"As a Pelvic Pain Specialist I see many women with irritation, pain, and burning of their vulva and vagina. My job is figuring out what caused this but also how to stop it. While treating patients, finding products that do not aggravate their symptoms is a challenge. Vmagic is a great new option we have come across that works because of its organic natural ingredients!" 

Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

Truly works magic

"Your name definitely fits the product...truly works magic to any woman's vagina. A #1 choice to soothe any external irritation or pain for my patients."Thank you for sharing your product with our patient population." 

Rebecca Marcus, PT, DPT

Natural antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant

"I am a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience and I recommend Vmagic to patients and I use it myself. Women don’t realize how careful they need to be about Vaginal tissue heath especially in menopause when women are more likely to have pain problems, incontinence, and chronic yeast or bacteria infections. There are many products on the market but this product is a very nice combination of moisturizer from the Olive oil; tissue building from the Avocado and Buckthorn oil; tissue protection from the Bees Wax; as well as natural antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties from the Honey and Propolis. The ingredients being all organic is also a plus! I also find it works well for chapped or irritated anuses." 

–Elizabeth Makous, MSPT, CLT PRPC, The Pelvic Whisperer

100% like the feel of Vmagic

"The feedback from my patients has been great.100% say they really like the feel of Vmagic and report soothing effects of irritated tissues, ease of use and overall they like the product."

Kelly Holden, PT

Love this product

"I love this product! The natural ingredients make me completely confident using it on the most personal parts of my body and, as a woman in menopause, this moisturizer keeps me feeling young and fresh. As a sex therapist, I recommend it to all my clients. You can never begin moisturizing too early."

Carol Clark , LMHC, CAP, CST

It's about time

"I discovered Vmagic when my wife was pregnant, she found it to be a natural way to keep herself in balance. I now refer patients who experience sensitive skin irritations to try Vmagic and encourage colleagues in healthcare to do the same. I am impressed with its quality organic ingredients and low irritant index. It’s about time a cream was formulated for intimate skin issues."
–Dr. Robert Schmidt, DC

Amazing relief

"My clients have said nothing but positive things about Vmagic. They report that it has given them more sexual confidence and comfort. I’ve had some report it being an amazing relief after hard workouts, waxing and shaving. I recommend all people with vulvas keep a stick on hand. " 

–Renée D. Burwell,

Outstanding results

"As a women’s health nurse practitioner I frequently look for products that benefit my patients. Here are my Vmagic findings:

1. Excellent results with post menopausal women who experience atrophy & dyspareunia.

2. Outstanding results in my post estrogen + receptor breast cancer patients who need to address their vaginal issues ofpost chemo dryness and irritation but absolutely can NOT use any estrogen based products.

3. Good response with patient with complaints of periodic dyspareunia due to pill related dryness, post infection irritation or justcomplaints of chronic vulvar discomfort.

4. Good response with young women for post “grooming” and post extreme workouts such as spin classes."

Cecilia Vanisky RN-C OGNP BC

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