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Women deserve natural solutions, free of chemicals and worry. Vmagic is the only line of daily intimate skin care that is 100% all-natural, organic and zero irritancy, while also remaining highly potent and efficacious. Not only are Vmagic products recommended by health professional nationwide, but reviews from our customers prove that Vmagic really works. Read a few from the community.



“I regularly get waxed year round and have a very healthy intimate relationship with my guy. With that being said, those two together have lead to some uncomfortable ingrown hairs. I have been using Vmagic daily for the last month and have not had any problems with ingrown hairs or irritation. I highly recommend this product!”
“Amazing! I had a horrible yeast infection that left me very uncomfortable, even after it cleared. One day of Vmagic, and I was feeling so much better. Well worth the price. I am using it every day, and I will definitely continue to use.”
“Very good intimate skin cream that soothes rashes and irritated skin in delicate areas. No smell and a little goes a long way. I'm very happy with it and don't have to use it often, but when I do, it works wonderfully and my skin is usually back to normal within a day or two of using.”
“We bought this product for my wife. She experienced vaginal dryness, chafing, and near constant womanly irritation. Since using this product her Vagina feels like a whole new girl and it has greatly improved our intimate time. We now have a monthly subscription and we cannot suggest this product enough. It is awesome, buy it!”
“Amazing for any active person! I ride my bike daily and this keeps me from becoming irritated on even the longest rides. It's great for any activity where I'm running, walking, or sweating. It takes away all of the friction and itchiness while working out. It also keeps any unpleasant odor away while working out or dancing. I would recommend this for any active person or anyone who has dryness or itchiness. I'm obsessed.”
“I was skeptical after watching a Buzzfeed video about this product. But I was curious too. So after reading some of the reviews on Amazon I decided to try it. I am so glad I did. I will be using this from now on. I love how it feels. It also serves another purpose for me. Whenever I eat certain foods, I can smell them in my girl bits. This instantly got rid of any odor and now I don't have to be self conscious about eating foods I enjoy!”
“My friend gave me one of the Lip Sticks and I thought is was a joke at first - but it's not. This stuff works great, and now I'm purchasing it for myself. It lives up to it's many uses. I'm using it after I shave, as a moisturizer, and for occasional odor. It really does wick odors away. Overall it is a really great product and I love how it is organic and 100% edible.”
“I have been using V magic for only 3 days and I cannot believe how much this has helped my discomfort! 60 and a breast cancer survivor - this is the first product that has truly helped so quickly. I will be a regular customer and plan on purchasing your skin care trio soon. Thank you so much I feel like myself again.”
“I love, love, love, this product! I discovered it by accident looking up ways to help soothe razor burn from shaving along the bikini line. I now use Vmagic as a daily part of my routine for that delicate area. I am grateful to find a product and a company so dedicated to using all natural plant based products, especially a product designed especially for women's needs.”
“Thank you so much for making V magic. I had experienced post-menopause severe dryness. This painful condition has been alleviated by using this excellent natural ointment. Whether it is the sea buckthorn, avocado, olive or bees wax (the bee honey also) it has transformed my health. Thank you again. You have made the world a healthier environment for women.”

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